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Hey you, whoever you are. I think it’s pretty sweet that you’re on this page hoping to learn a little bit more about who I am, and I’m grateful for your interest. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota until I was 11 years old, when my family moved to the small lobstering village of Harpswell, Maine. After years of rejecting the idea that I was from both places, I finally grew into the realization that living in Maine was as equally formative to who I am as being from Minneapolis. 

Little me in first grade! ︎

I try to embody my excitement and celebration of diversity and differences within people and environments by allowing it to inform the work I create. I solely produce events and creative projects that amplify and support the voices of currently underrepresented communities and artists-- and I say “currently” underrepresented, because there is one day, I hope, where the body of stories being produced equally reflects and represents the whole of our society.

I started performing young. Singing alongside my dad with his guitar for family gatherings, and I began acting when I was 7 years old.

Here I am performing in a play in Minneapolis. Age... 8? She loves the spotlight.


Prepping for my last role at Purchase College. In my fourth year I had the privelage of playing the role of Hedda in Hedda Gabler. Hoping to take another stab at that one day... Purchase Rep. 2013.

I performed in community theater and some school plays throughout my earlier years, was accepted into a performing arts boarding school but couldn’t afford to go, and then in 2009, when I was contemplating moving to Japan to study kabuki, I was accepted to the BFA Acting Program at SUNY Purchase, where I graduated in 2013.

Since graduating, I have continued to train with other teachers and collectives in New York and abroad. I’m currently developing several scripts (one short film, one series, one play) and expanding my tools to create my own work. I think the best way to practice new skills, test-drive ideas, and grow is through collaboration. I’m insistent about taking risks and trying to things, so if you have an exciting new idea you’d like to collaborate on, I’m all ears. XO Claire

In my ultimate joy: live music, friends, dressing up. Photo by dear friend Alice Plati.